Commercial criminal law

There is no statutory definition of the term „commercial criminal law“, however, this field of law should always be observed by companies and individuals active in business transaction in the daily business. The commercial criminal law contains statutory provisions which put certain ways of behaviour in business transactions under punishment. By doing so, the business activities and the decisions of companies are subject to a revision from a criminal law point of view. The aim of the commercial criminal law is to protect the structure of the economy and to defeat commercial criminal activities. The commercial criminal law is manifold – it comprises criminal offences like corruption, fraud, misuse of one’s power as trustee, embezzlement, misappropriation of salaries, betrayal of trade or business secrets, delayed filing of insolvency, bankruptcy fraud, spying out of data etc. We have specialists with a criminal law background as well as a commercial law background for this very complex field of law who can contribute with their specific knowledge and long-year experience in a team in order to provide you with competent and efficient services.


  • Advice in all matters with a commercial criminal law relevance
  • Risk analysis of dangers and risks within the company, criminal compliance
  • Defence in all aspects of criminal commercial law
  • Defence in the different instances
  • Defence in appeal proceedings
  • Mute trial
  • Retrial
  • Constitutional complaint
  • Proceedings concerning custody
  • Representation in matters of seizure, attachment and confiscation/asset recovery
  • Support in the official search of rooms
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Florian Majer


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