Condominium law

The condominium law comprises all questions relating to the property in condominiums. It covers changes to a real estate property, special usage rights, unification of different condominiums and also comprises the maintenance or rehabilitation of an apartment or a building. The condominium law has points of contact with the law on real estate agents and neighbour law. Therefore a specialist in the area of condominium law should also be familiar with these fields of law. The administration of condominiums, the community of apartment owners, for instance in a multiparty apartment building, as well as their rights and duties are also a part of the condominium law and belong to our scope of services.


  • Ownership of residential apartments/condominium
  • Declaration of division
  • Part-ownership, estate in severalty
  • Administration of condominiums
  • Owners cooperation
  • Action for annulment
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