Criminal law

The criminal law comprises all statutory provisions which sanction a certain behavior. These provisions and sanctions comprise different legal acts. The most popular is the Criminal Code. However, besides the Criminal Code, many other legal acts also comprise criminal provisions. Any suspicion of a criminal offence may cause the institution of preliminary investigations by the public prosecutor. These investigations and even more so a public court hearing constitute a significant and very personal intervention in the personal life of an accused. The rules of such proceedings are established by the Code of Criminal Procedure and other legal acts. You can see: The field of law of the criminal law is broad and it is equally complex. Our criminal law specialists are at your disposal with their longstanding experience and they take care that your request is handled in a competent, quick and efficient way.


  • Legal advice and support in all matters that may be of criminal relevance
  • Risk analysis of criminal dangers and risks in companies, criminal compliance
  • Defence in all areas of criminal law
  • Defence in the different instances
  • Defence in proceedings on appeal
  • Proceedings for new trial/retrial
  • Constitutional complaint against criminal judgments
  • Legal representation of injured parties, private persons joining the public prosecutor in the prosecution of certain offences and surviving dependence
  • Proceedings concerning custody
  • Representation in matters of seizure, attachment and confiscation/asset recovery
  • Support in the official search of rooms
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