Criminal tax law

The criminal tax law includes a significant number of provisions by which all sorts of violations of tax laws are penalized with administrative fines, penalties and prison sentences. These include, for example, tax fraud, illegal export, import or transit of goods without due custom clearance, smuggling, the handling of profits of tax evasion or the counterfeiting of tokens of value. The tax offenses are arranged as so-called blanket rules, that means that additional laws of the material tax law have to be considered in order to clarify the question if a criminal offense is constituted. Thus, the criminal tax law combines provisions of the criminal law and the tax law. For the handling of these complex matters, our criminal law specialists and our tax law specialists are at your disposal with their longstanding experience and they take care that your request is handled in a competent, quick and efficient way.


  • Legal advice and support in all matters that may be of criminal tax relevance
  • Risk analysis of criminal tax dangers and risks in companies, criminal compliance
  • Defense in all areas of criminal tax law
  • Defense in the different instances
  • Defense in proceedings on appeal
  • Proceedings for new trial/retrial
  • Constitutional complaint
  • Proceedings concerning custody
  • Representation in matters of seizure, attachment and confiscation/asset recovery
  • Support in the official search of rooms
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