Environmental law

The environmental law is a broad field of law and affects many different acts in Germany without being clearly definable. Many statutory provisions can be found in the administrative law, for instance the national laws and the federal state laws on nature protection, soil protection or water protection. The environmental law also includes planning provisions, since it is in the planning phase already that purposes of preventive environmental protection are pursued. The aim of all environmental law provisions is to avoid, reduce and compensate a certain environmental degradation. Further examples of statutory provisions of environmental law are the environmental impact assessment, the Federal Building Code or provisions on regional development. Besides, the statutory provisions on the protection against harmful effects on the environment, the provisions on environmental information, recycling management and waist are of importance. We advise and represent private individuals, companies and communities as well as environmental protection associations or urban administration unions in the full spectrum of topics relating to environmental law. Of practical relevance are permissions, authorisations or permits, water and wind energy plants as well as environmental collective/associational claims.


  • Legal advice for and representation of individuals, companies, municipalities and environmental protection associations in all matters of environmental law (in and out of court)
  • Revision and drafting of statutes, enforcement of claims for permission, authorisation or permits, revision of compensation measures
  • Institution of and defence against collective/associational claims regarding nature protection
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