Family law

In case there is a dispute in the family or amongst relatives, the family law comes into action. It regulates all legal relationships in marriage, civil partnerships, families and amongst relatives. This applies also to representation functions outside genetic relationships like for instance in cases of guardianship, curatorship or other forms of attendance. We assist you in clarifying questions in this special area of civil law; moreover, you may also contact us regarding all questions related to tax law. The family law is an area which is likely to give rise to uncertainties or even disputes. Our comprehensive expertise is ideal to provide you with thorough advice.


  • Drafting of marriage contracts
  • Legal advice and representation in the context of separation and divorce
  • Enforcement of claims, e.g. maintenance, surplus, compensation amongst joint debtors
  • Division of household effects on separation of spouses, regulation of custody and visitation rights
  • Legal advice and representation in the dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Drafting of corporate contracts for family companies or of participations
  • Regulation of business succession (family pool)
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