General conditions

The freedom of scope when drafting contracts is limited, inter alia, by the law on general conditions. The law on general conditions comprises all questions of law related to contractual conditions formulated in advance. Very often, contractual conditions outside the classical „general conditions” are subject to legal control without the parties being aware of this. This does not only affect the area of consumer contracts, for which the requirements of the law on general conditions are very strict, but also the drafting of general supply or purchase conditions or of framework agreements in the entrepreneurial sector. Special requirements have to be observed in cross border business transactions where the special stipulations of the CISG have to be observed. We assist you in both the revision and the drafting of general conditions.


  • Exclusion of liability
  • Defect liability
  • Jurisdiction
  • Applicable law
  • Inclusion
  • Invalidity
  • Terms of delivery
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