Insolvency law

We advise our clients both prior and after the application for insolvency with regard to the examination of whether there is a reason to apply for insolvency proceedings and with regard to a possible restructuring. Moreover, we assist creditors in insolvency proceedings with the enforcement of their claims and the securities that have been granted to them. We also defend creditors against a revocatory action instituted by the insolvency administrator. Finally, we support managing directors and shareholders in the case of an insolvency of their company. In this context, we also advise and represent managing directors when being held liable by the insolvency administrator or by the tax authorities or social insurance agency.


  • Advice on financial rehabilitation for companies and private individuals
  • Advice for managing directors and shareholders in order to avoid a personal liability (asset protection)
  • Representation of creditors in the enforcement claims
  • Advice for creditors, in particular banks, in constituting insolvency safe securities and in the context of the rehabilitation of financial portfolios in crisis (turnaround management)
  • M&A transactions (rehabilitation by way of transfer)
  • Services for insolvency administrators (back-office)
  • Revocatory action
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