International private law

Private individuals and companies act more and more on an international level. The export of goods, a real estate in a foreign holiday area or a traffic accident during the holidays are only some examples which may put an international stamp on a legal matter. The identification of the rights and duties depends on the important preliminary question for the applicable law. When drafting contracts, the question of the applicable law or the choice of law is fundamental. It creates the basis from which all rights and duties of the parties involved emerge. We are your reliable partner in international matters. We verify and draft contracts and provide you with support in the enforcement of your claims and in the defence against claims brought forth against you both in Germany and abroad. If necessary, we dispose of a broad international network of foreign colleagues in other jurisdictions who can assist us.


  • Applicable law
  • CISG
  • International law
  • Choice of law
  • Competent forum
  • Agreement to arbitrate
Christian Weber
Christian Weber


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