Labour law

The labour/employment law determines the relationship between the employer and the employee and, moreover, the relationship between labour unions work council and employee committees on the one hand and employers on the other hand. We provide advice for companies, associations, communities and for employees. Thanks to our longstanding experience and our high level of expertise we can provide you with assistance regarding the full spectrum of labour/employment law.


  • Legal advice on labour law issues.
  • Representation of internationally and nationally active companies, associations and communities.
  • Nationwide assistance for companies in the context of mergers and acquisitions, relocalizations, shutdowns and fundamental structural changes.
  • Development and optimising of new or revised company organizations and management structures, drafting of individual labour and employment contracts.
  • Drafting and enforcement of collective conditions of employment (e.g. guidelines on working time and/or wages or provisions regarding a company pension schemes).
  • Advice for and representation of employees, executive employees and managers in all matters involving individual and collective labour/employment law.
  • Advice for and representation of managing directors.
  • Legal questions relating to employee inventions.
  • Legal questions relating to supply of temporary workers.
  • Company pension schemes.
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