Law of administrative offences

Like the criminal law, the law of administrative offences is a public law establishing penalties. Other than in the criminal law, the infringement of an administrative rule, however, only entails an administrative fine and not a penalty in the true sense of the word (monetary penalty or prison sentence). Provisions on administrative fines affect almost all areas of life from A to Z. The most popular and most common administrative offences are offences against traffic rules. However, the law of administrative offences is also of significant importance for companies and entrepreneurs, since the law provides for the possibility to fine a company if one of its employees has committed a specific offence. We are at your disposal as true specialist in this very complex field of law and are in a position to apply our specific knowledge and longstanding experience individually or in teams in order to ensure a competent and efficient work on your case.


  • Defence of individuals or companies
  • Defence against administrative fines
  • Defence against a suspension of the driving licence
  • Defence against points in the central register of traffic offenders
  • Defence in matters concerning the driving licence
  • Advice regarding the driving licence register
  • Defence and advice in case of speeding
  • Defence and advice in case of an infringement of a red light
  • Defence and advice in case of an infringement of the distance rules in traffic
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Florian Majer


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