Law of succession

A strange person in charge, funds that have disappeared, quarreling siblings or inheritance tax given away: Those who want to avoid this for themselves and their relatives are in a position to take measures of precaution. Whether in a case of illness or of inheritance, it is possible to put things on the right track in an easy, timely and competent way by creating legal arrangements (e.g. last will, health care proxy, patient’s provision) for the protection of oneself as well as for the protection of the family. We assist you in a specialist and complete way with the planning of your provision for old age and succession, be it in the private or the entrepreneurial sector, including, of course questions of inheritance tax. Legal questions are the last thing to be addressed after the death of a related party. Therefore, it is even more important to be able to put eventual questions relating to the law of succession into competent hands in order to enforce existing claims or to defend oneself against unjustified claims without having to worry about this. We remain at your disposal after a case of inheritance regarding all questions relating to the deceased's assets/property, real estate, claims, shares, amounts receivable etc.

We are excellent


  • Drafting of testamentary dispositions (last will and contracts of inheritance) for the avoidance of inheritance disputes and the protection of the relatives
  • Provision for old age/disease (health care proxies and patient’s provisions)
  • Verification, advice and planning of anticipated succession (drafting of deeds of conveyance, business succession or estate planning)
  • Establishment of, advice for and representation of trusts
  • Advice for and representation of successors, legatees, persons entitled to a compulsory portion or administrators in inheritance disputes
  • Legal advice in court proceedings in the event of inheritance disputes (proceedings for the issuance of a certificate of inheritance, compulsory partition by public auction, action for partition, action for legacy, action for the right to a compulsory portion)
  • Legal advice and representation in case of inheritance in the international context (international law of succession)
  • Execution of a will and legal advice and assistance for administrators
  • Mediation in different matters
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