Product liability

Product liability in the broad sense of the word does not only comprise the classical liability for defects, but also the liability of a producer pursuant to section 823 German Civil Code and pursuant to the Product Liability Act. In the two latter cases the liability of the producer is linked to the defect of the product, irrespective of whether this defect constitutes a construction defect, a fabrication defect or a defect consisting in the poor instruction of the user. We advise producers on the defence against product liability claims, but also in the drafting of manuals and with regard to the strategy after the discovery of a product defect vis-à-vis the end customer or the supplier (e.g. recall). We also advise and represent injured persons and employers’ liability insurance associations in case of product defects that have caused personal injury or other damages.


  • Liability
  • Defect
  • Product manual
  • Construction defect
  • Fabrication defect
  • Criminal law
  • Personal injury
  • Liability for defects
  • Recall
  • Replacement
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