Public procurement law

When bidding for a project, for instance in the case of construction projects for public buildings, there are many legal trapfalls for both the principal and the bidder. The public procurement law governs the awarding of public projects by public institutions and principals in a clear way. It comprises all regulations and duties which have to be observed when advertising a public project or the procurement of non-monetary resources and services for bid. It also includes all those rules which bidders have to observe in a procedure of awarding contracts, including those rules which offer the bidder legal protection in case they are violated. Our specialist lawyers will happily support you with their expertise covering the full spectrum of public procurement law.


  • Procedure of awarding contracts
  • Invitation to tender
  • Provisions on the award of contract
  • In-house award of contract
  • Free-hand award of contract
  • Act against restraints of competition (GWB)/construction tendering and contract regulation (VOB)
Daniel Krummacher
Daniel Krummacher


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