Social law

Pursuant to section 1 Code of Social Law I, the social law aims at implementing social justice and social security and shall for this purpose provide social services including social and educational support. Its aim is to contribute to ensure a dignified life, to create equal chances for the development of the personality, in particular for young people, to protect and support the family, to enable that everybody can earn his or her own living by exercising a freely chosen profession and to enable the individual to divert or compensate special burdens of life, also by helping people to help themselves. The social law comprises all questions relating to unemployment, illness, reduction in earning capacity, care, rent, severe disability etc. We advice insurance companies in all aspects of social law as well as companies vis-à-vis the funding agencies relating questions on contract drafting, accounting, admission etc.


  • Nationwide advice for and representation of companies, communities and organizations towards the individual funding agencies and benefactors
  • Statutory accident insurance
  • Statutory pension insurance
  • Statutory health insurance and social care insurance
  • Promotion of employment
  • Statutory provisions on severe disability
  • Rehabilitation and Participation benefits (= benefits to be provided by the pension insurance institution for medical rehabilitation and employment participation benefits)
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