Tax law

The tax law is a very broad and sometimes intimidating field of law which is not only complex for laymen, but which affects us all every now and then. A tax payer who does not comply with his duty to pay tax, commits a criminal offence. However, the legal situation is sometimes intransparent, given that the tax law is a highly complex law and is not adjusted to each and every individual case. The tax law comprises all laws and statutory provisions which are related to the duty to pay taxes. We will happily support you in all questions related thereto and are at your disposal for all tax related issues, irrespective of whether they affect you as a private individual or company.


  • Legal representation in court proceedings before the tax courts and in case of disputes with the tax authorities, in particular opposition proceedings and external audits
  • Legal representation and advice in case of panel proceedings for tax fraud and other tax offenses
  • Advice in case of voluntary declaration of tax liabilities and self-denunciation to the tax authorities of fault or incomplete tax declaration
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