Traffic law

The traffic law comprises all statutory provisions which relate to traffic, be it on the ground, in the water or in the air. Even though traffic law is not a classical field of law, it is still a complex and very broad area which comprises various provisions of public law and private law. All the more so is it of significant importance that you are able to rely on an expert in traffic law matters who clarifies your problem quickly and efficiently. We support you in all questions relating to fines, damages or compensation for personal suffering, damages to the vehicle, contract law regarding the purchase of vehicles and insurance related questions regarding the third party, vehicle insurance, partial and full coverage insurance.


  • Enforcement of a defence against damage claims in the context of traffic accidents in Germany and abroad
  • Third party vehicle insurance and coverage insurance claims
  • Advice and defence on criminal law and administrative offences in the context of traffic
  • Legal representation in case of the granting of a driving licence and its removal by the administrative authority
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