Florian Majer

Florian Majer


The immature subject calls for the police. The mature subject informs his lawyer (Nikolaus Cybinski).
So please call me!


  • Born in 1969 in Balingen/Baden-Württemberg
  • 1995 1st state examination at the University Konstanz
  • 1995 internship with the law firm Bossi in Munich
  • 1997 2nd state examination, court district Hechingen
  • 1997 studies “profession of the lawyer” at the Fernuniversität Hagen
  • 1997 admission to the bar
  • 2002 appointment as Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law
  • 2003 appointment as Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law
  • 2017 Specialist Lawyer for Traffic Law



Ms. Katharina Vogt

phone +49 7433 9016-670
telefax +49 7433 9016-612
E-Mail: f.majer@kp-recht.de

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